About Bar-Z Mobile Development

Be the partner for organizations expanding their brands into mobile. Build digital products through vision, talent, and substance. Adapt as technology evolves and consumer preferences change. Earn our partners’ trust with sound advice and product reliability. Nurture our team members and reward individual contributions.

Founded in Austin, Texas in 2005, Bar-Z Mobile Development grew out of the rise of the smartphone here on top of the Silicon Hills. In the beginning we primarily served the tourism market with creative interpretive guides for many of the nation's greatest cities and parks.

As we continued to grow, we began to develop mobile solutions for all types of civic and tourism organizations, as well as non-profit associations, colleges, universities, publishers and other media companies. It became clear that civic, tourism and not-for-profit organizations have unique requirements and challenges when it comes to developing a successful mobile app.

zCivic is a division of Bar-Z that is focused entirely on meeting the needs of these types of organizations with industry specific features, knowledge and experience. zCivic offers our clients access to the type of deep industry expertise that you would find at a boutique software development shop but backed by the powerful Bar-Z Mobile Development platform and support team. At Bar-Z Mobile Development, and within the zCivic division, we sharpen our skills with each opportunity we get to innovate for our clients.

Interested in getting your business listed on the app or want to sponsor a whole section? Learn more a http://www.zcivic.com/granburyads or email us at info@zcivic.com.